Docall 2023 R2

Lightning-fast. And incredibly powerful.

The new Docall 2023 R2 offers spectacular speed with the new PC-installable version, new compact protocols, and a new visit layout. Managing occupational health will be even simpler.

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Super Speed


Docall 2023 R2 turbocharges everything you do: you'll notice it when creating fitness-for-work assessments, conducting visits, or scheduling new appointments. With the flexibility to work wherever you are, now with the new installable mode.

Always with you.
The only software with 3 usage modes

On your PC.

Use the software's full power on your PC, even without an internet connection.

On the Web.

Connected to Docall's cloud, it allows you to share all data with your colleagues.


Carry your data with you and use it on any computer, even without internet.

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New Super Compact Protocols

Docall 2023 R2. Get ready to experience a higher level of efficiency and convenience. Concatenated tasks, customization of health assessments, periodicity, thousands of ready-to-use templates.


Automations that Simplify

Organize all deadlines and exam schedules for your client companies in a flash. Make all documents available with a single click through a reserved area on Youdoc.


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